For the German furniture design brand, Brand. Kiosk works at the intersection of the company’s product development, graphic design and marketing, implementing international PR campaigns and developing integrated marketing and communications activities. The young brand’s collection features long-lasting products, intelligent contemporary design and high quality craftsmanship.

The Czech manufacturer of premium lighting combines contemporary design, traditional Bohemian craftsmanship and selected materials in its high-quality collections of glass lighting, specified in private and public interiors. Brand. Kiosk is responsible for the strategic marketing, the international media relations as well as the public relations of the brand.

Moving Walls is a provider of mobile, writeable office tools for agile working methods. The high-end products of the Swiss company create flexible spaces that allow for innovative idea finding due to collaborative working methods and a mobile work environment. Designed by Jörg Boner, the versatile products fuel new processes of idea finding and an interactive work atmosphere. Brand. Kiosk is responsible for all media relations activities, the strategic marketing as well as the brand’s communication.



Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau are the minds behind the young Hamburg-based design office. The studio has specialised on product design, interior design and visual communication, having already made a name for itself with their distinct experimental use of materials and colours. Brand. Kiosk manages the design office’s media relations and communicated their spectacular interior concept for the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.



academy of visual arts

With a targeted PR campaign, Brand. Kiosk establishes an international standing for the officially recognised school of Visual Arts. The strategic planning and implementation of the international trade and consumer press campaign are hinged on the Academy’s unmistakable educational programme as well as specific student projects developed in cooperation with a coterie of internationally recognised artists and design.

Jonathan Radetz is a multidisciplinary designer based in Frankfurt. His background as a master carpenter coupled with his degree in product design shines through in his work ranging from furniture design to accessories and fine jewellery. With a fascination for breaking every idea down to its essential elements, he playfully yet methodically works with materials and forms to create distinct furniture, accessories and fine jewellery.

Typologie is a new bi-annual publication that takes designlovers on a journey to the heart of everyday objects. Its goal is to broaden common perceptions of familiar things by encouraging its audience to see them anew – through the eyes of industrialists, designers and end users who are passionate about them. Each issue of Typologie is devoted to one object and will explore its secrets by documenting their manufacture, detailing their history, and highlighting their enduring relevance. The beauty of each typology is celebrated in a series of sixty original prints complemented by archival documents and behind-the-scenes photographs as well as a joint interview and an author text. Typologie is co-published by Collections Typologie and éditions B42 and published in English and French versions. Brand. Kiosk supports Collections Typologie to debut Typologie.