OMLED presents new OLED lighting series during Light + Building 2016

During Light + Building 2016, our client, the new lighting brand OMLED, will introduce three unique OLED and LED lighting families, that convince with their advanced technology as well as amazing light authenticity. Of paramount importance are the lighting quality, the well-being of the user as well as high-quality and sustainable use of materials. With the use of a special process, for the first time conducting paths, electronic components and contacts are directly connected with the material glass. Additional components such as plastic circuit boards, cooling elements and optics are redundant. The result enables a sustainable and resources-conserving production. All products are made in Germany.  

As a pioneer in the development of OLED lights, OMLED already during Light + Building 2014 debuted the world’s first OLED lighting family. During Light + Building 2016 OMLED presents OMLED One for the first time to the public as to series production developed and certified lights. Thus, with OMLED One, the brand offers the first OLED family for general purpose lighting for the private and contrat sector. 

The brand was founded by the German artist and lighting designer Thomas Emde, known for architectural lighting projects, such as of the Commerzbank and the imperial cathedral in Frankfurt, Germany or of the Tornado-Tower and the government building in Doha/Qatar.

Visit OMLED during the Light+Building at their showroom

Friedberger Landstrasse 645
60389 Frankfurt
13. – 18. March 2016, 9 – 21 H
OMLED Customized