The Biennale Architettura 2021 has opened in Venice and takes place until 21 November. We have had a look around for the most compelling exhibitions – here’s what excites us most.


Dutch Pavilion

The architect Afaina de Jong and artist Debra Solomon are answering the theme „How will we live together?“ with a question: „Who is we?“ According to them, the „we“ in architectural discourses often excludes not only marginalised peoples but also plants and animals. While De Jong explores how architecture can be more inclusive of diverse identities, Solomon calls for the inclusion of whole ecosystems. As differences and plurality create the relationships and interactions essential to build resilient societies and cities, the exhibition is an empathic plea against homogeneity and monoculture.

Lithuanian Pavilion

Titled Planet of People, the design and research studio Lithuanian Space Agency has created a digital world in outer space for the Lithuanian Pavilion in the renaissance Santa Maria dei Derelitti church. All visitors are 3D scanned upon entry and sent to form a new planet made solely of human bodies with the aim of interrogating issues of space colonialism.

Japanese Pavilion

For the Japanese pavilion, curator Kozo Kadowaki uses materials from a 65-year-old dismantled house to create an exhibition that explores material reuse and sustainable alternatives to waste-causing practices such as the demolition of houses and international exhibitions. The exhibition features benches made from the old house’s roof and screens constructed from its exterior walls.

Danish Pavilion

Architecture studio Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects created a cyclic water system using harvested rainwater that is stored in an external reservoir and then flowed in a closed circular system through the building via channels, pipes, plants and a flooded room.