The multidisciplinary Hamburg-based Studio Besau-Marguerre developed the eclectic interior concept for the patio of the Design Post in Cologne based on the extraordinary textiles UMBRIA TINTO and VOILE TINTO by the Swiss textile specialist Création Baumann.

Based on the concept developed by Studio Besau-Marguerre, a hybrid meeting place with café and lounge area has been created at the Design Post in Cologne. It comprises the spacious patio and the adjoining interior of the Design Post. The patio’s décor is defined by a playful and striking color scheme as well as high-quality materials, furniture and textiles that create striking yet harmonious contrasts.

„The idea centered on the eclectic, the vibrant and the meeting place,“ says Marcel Besau. „We wanted to create a colorful, exciting and flexible area for different usage scenarios. The Création Baumann fabrics were a perfect fit with their beautiful color gradients and different transparencies. They support this vibrancy and manage to connect the different areas of the patio on one side, while still spatially separating them.“