The Brokis Light Experience: BOUTIQUE HOTEL BROKIS

Building on the successful virtual villa from 2021, the Czech premium lighting brand Brokis now presents the lifelike virtual BOUTIQUE HOTEL BROKIS, a virtual architecture showcasing the high-end BROKIS collections in a unique, realistic interior setting.


The expansive hotel encompasses several luxury suites, a restaurant, a bar, and an outdoor terrace and offers a variety of remarkable scenes, with everything rendered at an extremely high level of quality. The pioneering virtual hotel showcases 19 of the iconic Brokis collections in a variety of different interior and exterior settings, including new collections for 2021, like the striking Dome Nomad by Chiaramonte Marin, but also other successful collections from the BROKIS portfolio.


Visit the virtual BOUTIQUE HOTEL BROKIS here.