Moving Walls Pop Up Office at Neue Räume 2017

At the design fair Neue Räume in Zurich, Moving Walls presented a new system of mobile office tools and showcased in an interactive Pop Up Office with the bag label QWSTION the system’s agile character and illustrated, how quickly and easily flexible working spaces can be created with the tools.


IMG_8986 IMG_9034


IMG_9037  IMG_9053 IMG_9052 IMG_9100




Jörg Boner, designer of the new Moving Walls System, on his vision of the office of the future:

I believe that the horizontal surfaces will be become smaller and the vertical surfaces bigger. The horizontal surface is the private surface. It is something like landownership. The vertical surface on the other hand is public. Around it, you can build a plenum. An interaction takes places. In the past, the architecture of buildings has offered many horizontal surfaces. What is meant by it are room walls, on which you could hang texts, drawings, sketchs or screens. Today, with the economization of construction, vertical surfaces, meaning room dividers or walls are being renounced. Even the outside walls, as part of the facade, are often realised in glass and are thus unusable as vertical surfaces for work. Moving Walls works on solutions for this new situations.”