Garde Hvalsøe stands for a passion for carpentry and craftsmanship, handmade quality, durable materials and timeless Danish design. As a modern brand, the Danish wood manufacturer designs and manufactures custom interior solutions, such as kitchens, cabinets and fixtures, that meet the highest standards of functionality, material quality and craftsmanship. For Garde Hvalsøe, Brand. Kiosk is responsible for PR and media relations in the DACH region.

Wetter- und Klimawerkstatt Offenbach

The special exhibition “In the Middle of the Weather. On Climate, Art and Weather” of the Wetter- und Klimawerkstatt Offenbach shows works in the extraordinary and highly relevant interplay between weather, climate and contemporary art. Nine artistic positions examine with different approaches our way of life and the issue of a climate-friendly society, and tell of our relationship with the world in which we live through clouds, smoke, the sea, the air, the earth and the weather.


The Wetter- und Klimawerkstatt is a cooperation project between the City of Offenbach (Cultural Management and Economic Development) and the Deutscher Wetterdienst DWD.

Brand. Kiosk is responsible for the exhibition’s press relations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

BANNACH is a young German design brand from Berlin founded by Moritz Bannach in 2018. BANNACH creates high-quality furniture items and accessories that are at the intersection of design, architecture and art. The designs are characterized by a geometric, almost sculptural design language and the dynamic use of colours. This fusion of a reduced design language with expressive colour combinations forms the basis for BANNACH’s conceptual orientation and is considered the brand’s distinctness. Brand. Kiosk is responsible for the international press relations. 

The Berlin-based office for interior design and architecture COORDINATION specializes in the design of communicative spaces in the areas of brand architecture, working environments, private interiors and exhibition design. COORDINATION stands for user-centered design and a holistic interior approach that includes architectural concepts, detailed and technical interior design, as well as customized furniture and lighting concepts. Brand. Kiosk supports COORDINATION with international press relations.

For more than 120 years, Danish wood manufacturer Dinesen has been driven by a passion for the natural beauty of wood as well as sophisticated craftsmanship. Their wooden planks for flooring, panelling, ceiling and interior objects will last for generations, with the pieces growing more beautiful as time leaves its imprint on the wood. Brand. Kiosk is responsible for Dinesen’s press relations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Founded and led by Portuguese designer Manuel Amaral Netto and business strategist Tomás Carvalhas, UTIL is a young Lisbon based design brand with a clear focus on enduring and functional storage furniture made from high quality materials. Transcending product design, UTIL’s philosophy of simplifying and focusing on the essentials is inspired by people and everyday life, every piece of the formally simple and architectural collection is made to last a lifetime.  Brand. Kiosk is responsible for UTIL’s international press relations.

The Italian lighting manufacturer Lodes develops and produces decorative and flexible lighting systems that combine contemporary design made in Italy with innovative production techniques. Since 1950, the traditional Venetian family business has been committed to the continuous development and research of high-quality lighting concepts and has become one of the most important European designers and manufacturers in this field. Brand. Kiosk is responsible for Lodes’ press relations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Unemori Architects

The work of the Japanese office UNEMORI ARCHITECTS is characterized by complex structural layouts while maintaining a simple form. The projects range from delicate and intimate small scale spaces to large scale public facilities and transcend conventional building typologies. For UNEMORI ARCHITECTS, Brand. Kiosk is responsible for the international PR and media relations.

The Japanese lifestyle brand Karimoku has been developed by Karimoku Furniture in collaboration with Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa Design emerging from a shared admiration and love for serene beauty, rich materials and timeless appeal. Karimoku and the first collection of 12 tailor made pieces had their international debut at 3daysofdesign 2019 in Copenhagen. Brand. Kiosk has been appointed to manage the international communication of the brand.

Création Baumann

The Swiss family-owned company Création Baumann has been one of the world’s leading textile manufacturers for more than 130 years. With the entire production process on site, high-quality and sustainable materials, timeless design and the demand for high-quality production determine the textile collections. Brand. Kiosk is responsible for Création Baumann’s press relations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


The Berlin-based architectural office Batek Architekten is known for its functional and thoroughly planned, innovative spatial concepts, repeatedly showing its sensitive approach to existing spaces and their specific character. Brand. Kiosk supports Batek Architekten with international press relations.

Tajimi Custom Tiles

The Japanese brand Tajimi Custom Tiles stands for the production of high-end tiles as well as the creation of bespoke tiles with complex shapes and highly specific colors, even in small lots.  Situated in the region of Tajimi with an over 1,300 year old culture of ceramics, the brand produces high-end design tiles using the unique know how and techniques of the traditional ceramic craftsmanship of the Japanese region Tajimi. The brand Tajimi Custom Tiles has its international debut in Spring 2020, presenting the result of the collaboration with designers Max Lamb and Kwangho Lee. Brand. Kiosk supports the Japanese brand with international media relations.

Favius is a German design label with a high-end collection of artistic statement pieces including furniture by up and coming designers such as Hanne Willmann, Martin Hirth and Studio Besau-Marguerre. Unusual material combinations, a design language that ranges between art and architecture, the use of high quality materials and a production based entirely in Germany define the label. Brand. Kiosk is responsible for the brand’s international media relations.

The Czech manufacturer of premium lighting combines contemporary design, traditional Bohemian craftsmanship and selected materials in its high-quality collections of glass lighting, specified in private and public interiors. For Brokis, Brand. Kiosk is responsible for the PR and media relations in the region DACH.

Since 1872, the renowned Danish design-brand Fritz Hansen has been offering a modern Nordic lifestyle with its collection of high-end furniture, lighting and accessories. In collaboration with leading international designers Fritz Hansen creates extraordinary and long-lasting designs that transform the everyday into something special. Brand. Kiosk communicates for Fritz Hansen in the regions Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Karimoku New Standard

The Japanese brand Karimoku New Standard stands for innovative, joyful and functional furniture and objects that suit the ways of urban living in the 21st century. With a deep understanding of carpentry craftsmanship, all Karimoku New Standard products are made of sustainably sourced Japanese hardwoods, to make them lifelong companions. Collaborating with some of the most promising international design talents, Karimoku New Standard constantly expands its exceptional collection of wooden furniture. Brand. Kiosk is responsible for the brand’s media relations.



Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau are the minds behind the young Hamburg-based design office. The studio has specialised on product design, interior design and visual communication, having already made a name for itself with their distinct experimental use of materials and colours. Brand. Kiosk manages the design office’s media relations and communicated their spectacular interior concept for the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.



Jonathan Radetz is a multidisciplinary designer based in Frankfurt. His background as a master carpenter coupled with his degree in product design shines through in his work, ranging from furniture design to accessories and fine jewellery. With a fascination for breaking every idea down to its essential element, he playfully yet methodically works with materials and forms to create distinct furniture, accessories and fine jewellery.