With the first breeze of summer in the air, we have put together a selection of desirable objects, dreamy places and general inspirations for the hot season, hazy days and long summer nights for you.
Brand. Kiosk wishes you a wonderful summer!


1. Casa Balboni by Carlo Scarpa, 1967 2. Woodturn Mirror by tre product 3. Phase of Nothingness by Nabuo Sekine, 1969-70 4. AWA by Brokis 5. Berra by Karimoku New Standard 6. Kaufman House by Richard Neutra, Palm Springs, 1946 7. KEVI 2070 by Engelbrechts 8. Moon Eye Vase by Fritz Hansen 9. Blend Throw by tre product 10. Kinuta A-S01 by Karimoku Case Study




1. Plastic Rain by Andrés Reisinger, 2018 2. Coat Tree Wall by Fritz Hansen 3. Planet Plates by tre product 4. Capsula by Brokis 5. Flower Vase #3 by Shiro Kuramata, 1989 6. Kinuta N-CT01 by Karimoku Case Study7. Panorama Arm Chair by Karimoku New Standard




1. Counter by Studio Jonathan Radetz 2. KEVI 2063 lounge by Engelbrechts 3. Arcángel bailando en nubes azules by Chucho Reyes, circa 1940 4. Wave Desk Organiser by Fritz Hansen 5. Brion Cemetery by Carlo Scarpa, 1968 6. IVY by Brokis 7. Lounge Chair JH97 by Fritz Hansen 8. Glass House by Lina Bo Bardi, 1950 Background Brokisglass by Brokis